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World Heart Day

World Heart Day

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Today, the 29th of September, we commemorate World Heart Day with the aim of raising awareness of cardiovascular disease and stroke being the world’s leading causes of death.


But first, a little bit of background on this special day itself : World Heart Day is founded in 2000 by the World Heart Federation. It is the world’s biggest platform for raising awareness about cardiovascular related disease, including heart disease and stroke. This year’s main theme is “MY HEART, YOUR HEART, which is about bringing people together and creating a sense of commitment around the common cause of heart health. Thus, it is hoped that all of us can play an important role by being “Heart Heroes” where everyone makes a ‘heart promise’ to someone they love or care about. This promise can be something like : checking blood pressure, stop smoking, eating healthily and/or exercising more.


Now, here are a few important facts on heart disease and stroke to get you thinking about your own heart health.


  • Cardiovascular disease is a group of diseases that involves the heart or blood vessels such as coronary artery disease, strokes and heart attack.
  • Main risk factors of cardiovascular disease include:
    • High blood pressure which can damage your blood vessels.
    • Smoking where the substances in tobacco products could damage and cause narrowing of blood vessels.
    • High cholesterol levels which could cause build up of cholesterol in the artery walls, causing less blood pumped to your heart, brain and the rest of the body.
    • Diabetes because high blood sugar levels could damage blood vessels and lead to narrowing of the vessels as well.
    • Leading a sedentary lifestyle which could lead to having the risk factors mentioned above.
  • A stroke is a life-threatening condition which happens when blood supply to part of the brain is cut off due to a blood clot or when a weakened blood vessel supplying blood to the brain bursts.
  • Symptoms of a stroke are F.A.S.T which means:
    • Face drooping to one side.
    • Arms which can’t be lifted.
    • Speech that’s slurred.
    • Time is of the essence!


If you suspect yourself or any one of your family members of having any sign of cardiovascular disease, please do see a medical professional immediately. It is also wise to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise along with quitting smoking to prevent cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Naomi Truong

Naomi Troung is a YesMyWellness.com author covering topics such as fitness, relationship, beauty and general wellness and wellbeing issues. She is a certified Yoga teacher from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai India and yes, she is also Muay Thai enthusiast and can been working out her moves at her regular gym.

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