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YesMyWellness is an online health and wellness magazine that focuses on natural healthy lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, mental wellness, personal growth, green living, preventative practices, stress management, exercise, body awareness and reviews of great products – fitness gadgets, super healthy food, dietary supplementation and services that improves the quality of lives of our audience. We warmly welcome visitors from all over the world that may find our articles and information useful 🙂 .


Our comprehensive content (i.e. articles, tips, advice, infographics, videos, etc) are produced and curated by a passionate and positively fun-loving group of writers and editors with qualifications and background related to medical, holistic health and wellness and also from a pool of guest authors that comprises experienced dietitians, nutritionists, licensed therapists and personal trainers. We also strive to present our content in a clear, concise jargon-free language, turning complex health topics into a “layman” readable format, which enables audience from all walks of life to fully discover a happier, more balanced and healthier lifestyle.


While we do discuss the current fitness fads, we do not advocate nor endorse these latest trends and that said, we stay away from ‘snake-oil’ quick-fix remedies. We prefer to work tirelessly to constantly inspire, educate, and empower our readers by providing information that is practical, do-able and realistic. Hence our motto, “Your Gateway To Ultimate Wellness – Be Inspired, Be Empowered, The Healthy Way”.