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How To Grow Healthy A Beard

How To Grow Healthy A Beard


It’s a common perception that beards represents an aura of dominance. There are physical characteristics that lend people the perception of a man’s inferiority. A man’s jawline or complexion of his skin can lead people to believe that he is not as masculine as other males. This can be countered by growing facial hair, which basically hides the said inferior features and lending to a more prominent male stature.


Additionally, men with wholesome beards tend to pay more attention to their physique and as such, more times then not, have a more muscular build. Proportionately, this more muscular build may accentuate a more prominent beard.


However, most men probably live with a habit that hinders the growth of their beard. Follow these tips to ensure that you end up with the ‘manely’ beard that you should have or always wanted:


1. Nourish The Lower Skin

Happy hair comes out the warmest and fastest from the well-groomed skin below. You probably won’t associate a men’s kit with good skin care, but wash your face thoroughly every morning and night, exfoliate 12 times a week. Use good facial care products to moisturise your skin. Not only does it promote facial hair growth, it also improves your complexion!


2. Sleep Well, Eat Properly & Exercise

Hair growth is promoted by several things related to your overall health and well-being. First, most hair growth occurs overnight when cell turnover peaks. If you don’t rest and charge properly, your hair will not grow well. Another by-product of not resting is a decrease in blood flow. This means less nutrients reach the destination (hair follicles). Nutrient loss = impaired facial hair health and growth. So, get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.


3. Be Patient

Everyone`s facial hair grows in at different speeds, thicknesses, and ranges (all over your face, or perhaps just in the goatee area). There just isn`t a whole lot you can do to change this. The good news is that with a little patience (okay, sometimes a lot), most men can rock some style of facial hair. For some it`ll be a full beard, and for others it might just be a light goatee. No matter which style you choose (or choose), it can take a month or a year to achieve-it’s all a matter of patience.


4. Beard Maintenance

Once you have your beard the way you like it, maintain it with a regular beard grooming routine. The Master Barber, Thad Forrester recommends the following routine

  • Wash it 2-3 times a week.
  • Moisturize your beard with a Beard Oil after getting out of the shower
  • Brush and shape beard daily
  • Trim 1-3 times a week. Look for stray long hairs and keep things looking clean.

You don’t have to buy into any snake oil sales pitches about needing a regimen or supplements or one silver bullet to promote beard growth.



As you can see, growing a beard is really a very simple thing to do. Let it grow, keep it clean, have a healthy lifestyle.


Keng Yau Chan

Keng Yau is a Malaysian-based editor & writer for YesMyWellness.com. Fitness as a career wasn't always in his first choice and in fact, he was quite an obese lad before! However, after a major health scare, Keng Yau has decided to pursue a healthy lifestyle and solidify his commitment by completing Associate Degree of Applied Fitness from Australian College of Physical Education and is also an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. He has worked for major fitness centres and often volunteers in public and community health initiatives.

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