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Gym Etiquette 101

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Gym Etiquette 101

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Etiquette is subjective but at the gym, there’s a time, place and way of doing things that might rub your fellow gym goers the wrong way.


Most of us are aware of the benefits of exercise for our health and wellbeing and this can be seen in the climbing numbers of gym memberships.


Gyms are great places and most are well-equipped with weight racks, machines, treadmills, stationery bicycles etc and some gyms may also offer group classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Kickboxing and more.


The drive to go to the gym and exert ourselves needs to be strong in order for us to reach our fitness goals whatever that may be.


However, for some, they may dread going to the gym not just because of physical exertion but instead, could be other gym goers!


Don’t be ‘that person’ at the gym with these gym etiquette tips!


1. You Use It, You Wipe It


Wipe the exercise machines(that you have used) after you are done with your workout!


To make it easier, before using any benches or machines, just put a towel down to soak up your sweat.


The same goes for weights and yoga mats as well. Besides not leaving the bench soggy and gross, this prevents the spread of germs and infectious skin diseases as well.


2. Re-Rack The Weights!


It is something you already do at home, so do it at the gym! If you use free weights, always put them back for other people to use.


Imagine wanting to use the free weights but it’s all around on the floor because the person before you did not put them back.


This also prevents the floor of the gym from becoming a mess which could cause accidents from people tripping over the weights.


3. Feeling Sick? Stay Home!


If you are feeling a little ‘off’, unwell or even slightly sniffly, stay at home! It is not wise to go to the gym because you might spread your illness to other gym goers.


There’s also a possibility of hurting yourself because you are not able to perform your exercise routine correctly due to being ill.


4. Clothes Matter!


Dress appropriately when you are at the gym – by appropriate, we mean clothes that are not too revealing, the correct fit and not baggy.


Wearing baggy clothing may be hazardous because the fabric might get caught in the machine.


Trousers that are too long or baggy could snag on something or you may trip over them and hurt yourself or someone else.


If the clothes are too tight, it might restrict your movements and cause your form to suffer which might make you unable to perform your exercise wrongly.


5. Sharing Is Caring!


When you’re done with your reps and need a short rest to catch your breath, don’t hog and rest on the bench especially if there is someone waiting.


Get up and walk around which burns more calories than just sitting down.


6. Ask For Advice If You Are Unsure


If you have any prior injuries or are unsure of how to use any of the machines, ask the staff at the gym for advice.


If you have a specific fitness goal, do approach the personal trainers or staff and ask for help as well. Some gyms may provide nutrition advice alongside the exercise so do take advantage of these facilities.



With that said, gym etiquette is basically courtesy and you know, just being nice and thoughtful to your fellow fitness buddies!

Keng Yau Chan

Keng Yau is a Malaysian-based editor & writer for YesMyWellness.com. Fitness as a career wasn't always in his first choice and in fact, he was quite an obese lad before! However, after a major health scare, Keng Yau has decided to pursue a healthy lifestyle and solidify his commitment by completing Associate Degree of Applied Fitness from Australian College of Physical Education and is also an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. He has worked for major fitness centres and often volunteers in public and community health initiatives.

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