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The Impact Of Alcohol On Your Body

The Impact Of Alcohol On Your Body

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We know the immediate effects of alcohol the moment we take the first gulp of beer or maybe a sip of that smooth cognac. But going for binging sessions everyday will not only have you feeling nauseous, continuous vomiting on the sidewalks and gadzillions of hangovers, it has serious and disastrous health consequences which would be difficult to get out off easily.


Read on to find out what excessive alcohol consumption really does to your various organs.



What Alcohol Does to Your LiverDrinking excessively can cause inflammation of the liver, called alcoholic hepatitis. It can also permanently scar and damage the liver that could result in liver cirrhosis and an increased risk of liver cancer. Women are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol on the liver.








What Alcohol Does to Your HeartExcessive drinking can cause hypertension which increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke. This could also weaken the heart muscles which affects the lungs, liver, brain and other parts of the body.










What Alcohol Does to Your Lungs?Men and women who regularly consume alcohol excessively may be more likely to catch illnesses such pneumonia and tuberculosis as their immune system is weakened.









What Alcohol Does to Your BrainDrinking a lot of alcohol in the long term can result in permanent brain damage, alcohol dependence or even alcoholism. Young people are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of alcohol on their behaviour and ability to learn and remember because their brains are still developing.








What Alcohol Does to Your StomachConsuming too much alcohol can lead to stomach ulcers, internal bleeding and even an increased risk of cancer. Besides this, alcohol makes it difficult for the digestive tract to absorb nutrients and as such, people with alcoholism often suffer from malnutrition.







What Alcohol Does to Your FertilityIn men, excessive drinking could lead to a lowered sex drive or even impotence (example erectile dysfunction) whereas for women, having too much alcohol can cause infertility.






What Alcohol Does to Your BonesPeople with alcoholism may have high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) which can decrease bone formation and encourage the breakdown of our downs. Excess alcohol can also kill osteoblasts which are cells that make our bones.








Birth Defects

What Alcohol Does to Your Pregnancy?Drinking while pregnant can seriously damage the development of the foetus such as fetal alcohol syndrome and issues with mental development.








What Alcohol Does to Your SpeechWhen one drink too much alcohol, slurred speech is the one the signs that one had too much!







What Alcohol Does to Your IntestinesExcessive alcohol consumption has been known to cause damage your intestines, which may lead to bouts of diarrhea or stomach pain.

Keng Yau Chan

Keng Yau is a Malaysian-based editor & writer for YesMyWellness.com. Fitness as a career wasn't always in his first choice and in fact, he was quite an obese lad before! However, after a major health scare, Keng Yau has decided to pursue a healthy lifestyle and solidify his commitment by completing Associate Degree of Applied Fitness from Australian College of Physical Education and is also an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. He has worked for major fitness centres and often volunteers in public and community health initiatives.

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