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Secrets To Luxuriously Thick And Healthy Hair

Secrets To Luxuriously Thick And Healthy Hair

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Considering it’s technically dead tissue, we spend a great deal of time, money and energy on our hair. In addition to being fun to style and colour, hair serves an important practical purpose, that is, keeping heads warm and helping to regulate body temperature.


The typical hair cell stays with us for three to five years until it falls or grows out.


For those of us who envy people with lots of thick black hair, you are at the right place – we have some valuable tips on growing, maintaining similar gorgeous locks and taking care of common ‘hair’ problems.




Few people realise that there’s a correct way to shampoo. Yet proper shampooing not only improves the look of your hair but also helps to slow down hair loss and promote healthier hair growth.


Here’s how you should do it :


1. Before you step into the shower, brush your hair from front to back with a stiff natural-bristle brush. This will stimulate the circulation and prevent the build-up of styling products.
2. Wet the hair with warm water (DO NOT use hot water as it can strip your hair of protective oils) .
3. Apply shampoo at the nape of the neck and shampoo the hairline first, then do the top of your head.
4. Massage your entire scalp at least three times to push nutrients into the hair bulb and free your hair follicles of clogging deposits.
5. After rinsing your hair thoroughly, apply conditioner. (Note that if you’re doing all this outside the shower, do wrap a steam towel – you can use a wet towel that has been microwaved for 2 minutes round your head) and leave it on for 30 to 60 seconds. The steam allows the conditioner to be absorbed more evenly.
6. Finish with a cool-water rinse, which helps to tighten scalp pores, firm hair fibres, reduce limpness and increase sheen.




Do you know you can fight dandruff with mouthwash? Wait what – mouthwash?


Yes, you heard that right – antiseptic mouthwash has a little-known secondary use, which is an effective cure for dandruff.


Here’s how :


Combine one part mouthwash with nine parts water and apply the mixture to your scalp after shampooing. Leave it on for five to ten minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


If you dislike the antiseptic smell of mouthwash, follow each treatment with a mint rinse, which needs to be prepared in advance :


1. Crush a handful of fresh or dried leaves in a bowl, then pour over enough vodka to cover them.
2. Leave for a day, then strain.
3. Add about ½ teaspoon of water at a time to the mixture until it becomes cloudy.


Apply to the scalp after shampooing and leave on for at least 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.




Supplements such as Vitamin B can make your hair stronger. So take a 50 mg B-complex supplement twice a day with food.


Besides this, the mineral selenium is also helpful for maintaining healthy hair. To add lustre to your hair, you can also try taking 1000mg of Evening Primrose 3 times a day with meals.




Mix a few drops of your favourite fragrance into your hair gel before applying. You’ll end up with hair that not only looks good but smells great, too.


Another aromatic option is to transform ordinary shampoo into a herbal experience by adding a few drops of an essential oil. Dilute a 250ml bottle of shampoo by half with water and add 20 drops of essential oil of lavender.




For soft, natural highlights, squeeze some lemon juice on your hair before going out into the sun. Or use shampoos and styling products that contain citrus fruits.



After washing your hair, while it is still wet, wrap it gently in a towel and let the cotton absorb the moisture for a few minutes instead of rubbing.


If you are prone to split ends, get your hair trimmed at least every six weeks, which will help to eliminate them.




Well this not a solution but more of adapting – if you’re going bald go short!


For balding men, one of the worst mistakes made is the comb-over. A sexier, more modern style is to keep it closely trimmed. As a bonus, your hair will be easy to maintain!




Available at health-food shops, olive, jojoba and sweet almond oils are all great hair elixirs. If your hair is thick and heavy, coconut oil works wonders.


Dampen your hair and apply small amount of the botanical oil until your hair is thoroughly covered.


Cover with a shower cap and warm towel for half an hour then rinse and shampoo as usual.




Use a brush with natural bristles rather than synthetic ones. Synthetic materials generate static electricity, which will make your hair more brittle.


First brush the ends to remove tangles. That way you won’t pull and break your hair when you take full strokes with the brush.


After you have brushed the ends, make long, full strokes all the way from the roots of your hair to the ends to spread the hair’s natural oils.




The typical person loses between 50 and 200 hairs a day. So it’s normal to have a small clump of hair left in the drain hole after washing.


But, if that amount starts to increase, see your doctor about it. It could mean that you have a scalp infection, that baldness is starting to set in and more rarely, that you may have a nutritional deficiency.

Naomi Truong

Naomi Troung is a YesMyWellness.com author covering topics such as fitness, relationship, beauty and general wellness and wellbeing issues. She is a certified Yoga teacher from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai India and yes, she is also Muay Thai enthusiast and can been working out her moves at her regular gym.

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