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Ignore These 9 Tips If You Don’t Want Healthy Skin

Ignore These 9 Tips If You Don’t Want Healthy Skin

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As the largest organ of our body, the skin serves as the first barrier between our body and the outside world. Besides protecting our body, the skin also performs several functions, such as regulating body temperature, excreting waste materials from the body and affecting metabolism.


Therefore, it is important to take care of our skin, regardless of whether one is female or male. To improve your skin health, follow these time-tested tips.


1. Use Sun Protection


Up to 80% of the sun’s UV (ultravoilet) rays can penetrate light clouds. In fact, UVA (ultravoilet A) radiation can penetrate glass and clouds. Therefore, even individuals who spend all day indoors should use sun protection, it is best to avoid the sun’s rays from 10 AM to 4 PM, and sunscreen should be applied at least 20 minutes prior to going outdoors.


2. Keep Skin Hydrated


Good skin care is all about hydrating and moisturizing. The importance of hydrating lies in the prevention of moisture loss from the skin’s stratum corneum. Sufficient moisture within stratum corneum allows the skin’s surface to stay soft and smooth, preventing dry, flaky skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


3. Exfoliate Regularly


Exfoliating the skin every few days helps improve skin texture and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. However, avoid using scrubs that contain large and rough particles to prevent damaging skin. Take extra effort to use sun protection after exfoliating to prevent UV rays from damaging the skin’s delicate structure and causing dark spots.


4. Eat a Healthy Diet


Avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol and caffeinated drinks. These are diuretics that cause the skin to become dry and lead to the appearance of wrinkles.


5. Drink More Water


Water is very important for maintaining skin softness and elasticity. Water removes toxic substances from the body’s major organs and delivers nutrients to the skin, allowing the skin to appear more radiant and luminous.


6. Don’t Neglect The Rest Of Your Body


Care for the skin should not be confined to the face. The neck, hands, feet, and other areas of the body also need tender loving care. Different products should be used for different parts of the body, and products targeted for use in different seasons and climates should also be selected accordingly.


7. Increase Fibre Intake


Fibre exists only in wholesome plant foods. A high fibre diet helps the digestive system to eliminate toxins. It boosts the body’s cleansing ability and promotes skin health by minimising the appearance of pimples.


8. Quit Smoking


Chemical substances in tobacco smoke cause smokers to experience dry skin and premature wrinkling. Research shows that fine lines start appearing on the skin of smokers from as early as age 20 and smokers usually have skin that ls a dull shade of yellow.


9. Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle


Sufficient exercise and sleep promote skin metabolism, allowing the skin to function properly and helping to delay signs of aging. They also fight stress by helping the body and mind to relax, which indirectly contributes to improved skin condition (e.g.by reducing pimple growth).

Naomi Truong

Naomi Troung is a YesMyWellness.com author covering topics such as fitness, relationship, beauty and general wellness and wellbeing issues. She is a certified Yoga teacher from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai India and yes, she is also Muay Thai enthusiast and can been working out her moves at her regular gym.

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