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Couple Fitness Goal

Couple Fitness Goal

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Working out with friends is fun but working out with your significant other could have more benefits than getting fitter!


Sure, starting an exercising routine to reach your fitness goals is great but what if you roped in your partner? Going on a journey towards being fit and healthy could benefit more than just your physique. It could also enrich your relationship!


Here’re the top reasons to team up with your better half on your fitness journey.


1. Increased Happiness


Studies have shown that after participating with their partner in an exciting physical challenge or activity, the couple felt more satisfied and in love with their partner. What better physical challenge than exercise? Sharing a fitness goal such as training for a marathon, leaning how to tango or just hitting the gym could help enhance your relationship.


Instead of just eating out for date night why not vary your dates and go swimming or dancing?

2. Get Closer


When you exercise with your partner, you will sometimes need to match your pace with theirs or be in rhythm when tossing say, a medicine ball back and forth. This action creates something called non-verbal mimicry. Non-verbal mimicry helps people feel bonded to each other which can strengthen your relationship.


3. Helping Each Other


Another benefit of working out with your partner is that you can check each other’s form. Performing exercises without the correct form can result in not working the muscles intended or even injury. If you’re both unsure of the right form, ask a personal trainer for help, or better yet, sign up for a couple’s personal training session.


When you’ve both gotten the hang of how to perform the exercises correctly, hit the gym together and check on each other.


4. Spice It Up!


We’ve already established that working out together strengthens your bonds and also boosts your joint happiness. Did you know that exercise may help prevent erectile dysfunction and improve blood flow that helps you get in the mood? Exercise frequency has been found by the University of Arkansas, to enhance feelings of attractiveness and energy levels which can increase sexual attraction!


5. Sticking To It


A study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that couples who worked out with each other are more likely to not quit halfway through an exercise program. Motivation from someone you care deeply about and not wanting to disappoint them could be the many reasons to not quitting halfway and reaching your fitness goals!


Additionally, couples who exercise together have an avenue to solve their conflicts. Coming out of say, spin class, and feeling relaxed after a hard work out, it’s easier to talk things through.


Ready to sweat it out with your sweetheart? Here are some suggestions:


1. If exercising together is something very new to both of you, start slow by taking a leisurely walk together. Have a cup of coffee afterwards to bond and talk to each other.
2. Train for a 5k or even a marathon. Pick one and commit yourselves to training towards completing it. Both of you won’t have the same pace but that’s totally fine because encouraging each other and being with each other is a great way to stay close.
3. Go dancing. Pick a dance which requires a partner like ballroom dancing and go for classes together!
4. The gym isn’t the only place to get physical. Go hiking or bike riding together and enjoy nature and fresh air. Try a different trail every week to challenge yourselves.

Naomi Truong

Naomi Troung is a YesMyWellness.com author covering topics such as fitness, relationship, beauty and general wellness and wellbeing issues. She is a certified Yoga teacher from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai India and yes, she is also Muay Thai enthusiast and can been working out her moves at her regular gym.

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