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8 Self-Enriching Activities You Always Wanted To Do

8 Self-Enriching Activities You Always Wanted To Do

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If you’re striving to be a better version of yourself every day, start today!


The first step to being a better ‘you’ is making a conscious effort to try. Wanting to be better is great but in this case, actions do speak louder than words. To know whether you need to improve yourself is to reflect on yourself and think “Am I better today compared to yesterday?”. If the answer is ‘no’, here are 8 tips to help you to self-improve (but never got around doing them 😉 ) :


1. Pick Up A New Language


Learning a new language could help better yourself in many ways. For one, it’s a new skill which could make you more desirable on the job market. It is also a great way to meet people especially if you’re going to group classes.


2. Discover A New Hobby


Try signing up for a calligraphy workshop or start a small garden project! Yes, it might be hard in the beginning but imagine coming out of it with beautiful handwriting or delicious produce from your garden. Additionally, having a hobby could help you destress and keep your blood pressure in check!


3. Overcome Obstacles


Think of what really scares you. No, I don’t mean go and grab a spider or try bungee jumping immediately. Do something out of your comfort zone because being comfortable doesn’t necessarily help you grow and could cause you to stagnate. Exposing yourself to new situations could equip you with new ways to handle them.


4. Exercise Regularly


Improving yourself also means physically. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, make it a point to go for a 40-minute walk every day just to get your heart rate up and build a little muscle. Being healthier is also a form of self-improvement and also self-care.


5. Identify Weaknesses And Overcome Them


Put aside your ego, sit down with a piece of paper and write down your weaknesses. This helps to give perspective on where you need to improve yourself and work towards being a better person.


6. Ask Someone To Observe You


If you find doing point 5 difficult, it’s perfectly fine to ask a close friend or family member where you need to improve. This is a more objective way of looking at yourself because you may miss something during self-reflection. Be open minded because any faults they point out may not be something you’re aware of.


7. Create To-do List


Start the day by writing a to-do list which includes all your tasks and errands. This keeps you focused on your work and also works as a way to keep you from forgetting to do something. Either write it down or key it in your phone with any note-taking app of your choice!


8. Quit All Those Bad Habits


Be honest. Do you have a bad habit? Now, this doesn’t have to be something huge like smoking (which you should quit for your health’s sake) but quitting a habit like biting your nails or procrastinating can definitely make you better.

Lotep Bandhoo

Lotep Bandhoo has a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Tribhuvan University, working in the field of mental health specialising in trauma management, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis, stress, relationship challenges, domestic violence, substance abuse rehabilitation. An avid photographer, he writes articles exploring mindfulness, personal realisation in self-identity, growth, goals, purpose, and leading a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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