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8 Free Things In Life That We (Sometimes) Take For Granted

8 Free Things In Life That We (Sometimes) Take For Granted

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With the depressing economic situation around the world, it is only natural that most of us are starting to feel the pressure of living and with that, make do with some sacrifices such as going for a massage or avoiding the favourite café, all for the sake of preserving our bank account balance.


There are, however, stuff that are free, and, caught up in our stressful lives, most often overlooked. And the YesMyWellness team, ever always the purveyor of positivity, share 8 wonderful things that are absolutely free and will make your day!


1. Advice


When you’re stuck in the middle of a situation and you’re not too certain about your next move, ask a trusted friend or loved one for advice. It does not come with a price tag and sometimes, simply voicing out your concerns or questions could bring you a long way.


2. Hugs


Every needs a cuddle every now and then. Hugs are absolutely free and its benefits are priceless. They are include reducing stress, combat depression as well as anxiety.


3. Sunshine


Thank Mother Nature for this free gift that keeps you and other living beings healthy. Amidst the many known benefits the sun has for all, one important benefit you should know is that the sun emits natural Vitamin D (helps with calcium absorption) which is essential for healthy bones.


4. Kindness


Being kind to another makes the world a better place and most importantly, it does not cost to be kind. Kind words and actions cost nothing. So, never hesitate to lend a helping hand to someone in need or voice out a genuine compliment. Plus, being kind to others also helps to build your emotional resilience.


5. Laughter


This is the best form of medicine! Researchers have found that laughter helps to lower stress and improve your memory. So, never hold back a giggle because it does not only benefit you but other too as it’s contagious!


6. Happy memories


Let’s be honest here, each of us has had times, where we just allow our minds to playback those wonderful memories in your head. This is one of your mind’s greatest indulgence which will never fail to make you happy.


7. Sleep


Going into dreamland goes beyond just banishing those dark circles and boosting your mood. A good amount of sleep will keep your heart, body, weight and mind healthy. So, if you’re feeling a little down, some shut eye might just do the trick.


8. Hope


Hope is a powerful of optimism. Being hopeful creates a positive mood and it influences your state of mind. Hope motivates you, builds your self-confidence and it’s also proven to improve your problem-solving skills. Being hopeful is free. All it takes is your decision to set your mind in believing that there is hope, because there is!



The best things in life are actually free. So, there is no excuse to enjoying life!

Lotep Bandhoo

Lotep Bandhoo has a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Tribhuvan University, working in the field of mental health specialising in trauma management, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis, stress, relationship challenges, domestic violence, substance abuse rehabilitation. An avid photographer, he writes articles exploring mindfulness, personal realisation in self-identity, growth, goals, purpose, and leading a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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