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7 Positive Health Benefits Of Sex

7 Positive Health Benefits Of Sex

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Sex is a feel good activity which makes it more than just a reproductive process. Aside from the physical aspect, it also involves hormones which impact our brain, blood circulation and blood pressure.


Here’s how sex affects you along with some effects explained :


  • The effects of sex is almost like taking cocaine because they both involve the reward centre of the brain. Caffeine, nicotine and chocolate also stimulate the reward centre.
  • Neurochemicals released during sex help forge emotions, attachment to your partner and even love.
  • Oxytocin a hormone that’s released during sex has been found to have pain-relieving properties. It is also the hormone that helps mothers and babies bond.
  • People who’ve just had sexual intercourse deal better with stressful situations such as public speaking by lowering blood pressure.
  • After men ejaculate, it’s normal for them to become sleepy because their prefrontal cortex unwinds along with the release of oxytocin and serotonin.
  • Undiagnosed mental illness could have an effect on a person’s libido because of fluctuating levels of dopamine.
  • Having an orgasm causes activity in the emotional parts of the brain which is also the areas that antidepressants work on.
Naomi Truong

Naomi Troung is a YesMyWellness.com author covering topics such as fitness, relationship, beauty and general wellness and wellbeing issues. She is a certified Yoga teacher from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai India and yes, she is also Muay Thai enthusiast and can been working out her moves at her regular gym.

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