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4 Skin Myths REVEALED

4 Skin Myths REVEALED

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Healthy skin is all about having knowledge that’s more than skin deep.

The skin is often seen as a symbol of beauty but it is much more than just that. More importantly, the skin is a representation of your health.


Hence, it’s very important that your skin is always well taken care of.


Although the skin is the largest organ in the body, yet many do not know much about the skin or how to keep it healthy. If this sounds like you, that’s alright because we’re going to help you understand your skin better and also bust some myths on skin care that will help you avoid making silly skincare mistakes which could lead to horrible consequences.




Identifying and understanding the layers of your skin is important as it helps you to identify the role of the different layers of your skin which helps to keep you healthy. So let’s run through a quick recap, shall we?



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That’s the outmost layer of skin. The epidermis has a waterproof barrier. It protects you from harmful pathogens and regulates your immune system. This layer also makes new skin and melanin.


This is the second layer, beneath the epidermis. It contains tissues that hold your skin in place. Sweat glands and hair follicles are also located in this layer.


That’s the third layer of your skin which is made out of fat and tissue. It is also known as the subcutaneous tissue and this layer keeps you warm.


The blood vessels provide much needed nutrients to your skin. It also removes waste from it.


Living in the tropics, we’ve all experienced the wonder of sweat glands. These glands keeps the body cool and moisten your skin.


Although fine and tiny, these follicles are very important. They’re responsible for goosebumps and traps heat when you’re feeling cold.



Now that you know better about your skin, we’re sure that you now understand why it is so important to keep it healthy.


There’s lots of tips and information about keeping your skin healthy but not all of them are true and handy.


Let’s weed out the ‘misinforamtion’ by having the following four skin myths debunked:




Items in your sanitary kit such as hand sanitiser and toothpaste may seem multipurpose. Besides its obvious use, it is believed that you could also use them to remove stains and help with acne.


There is no evidence that these products are effective in treating acne. It may contain ingredients such as alcohol and baking soda that could be helpful. However, applying these products on your face could end up causing further damage such as skin irritation, redness and skin peeling.


If you’re looking for a solution to help with acne, over the counter products are available. Simply speak to your pharmacist about it if you’re unsure about which to pick.


Writer’s note: A lady came to me once to ask if I had a bottle of hand sanitiser in my bag. Realising that the bathroom was just a few steps away, it could not be because she wanted to sanitise her hands. So I asked, “Why?” and she replied, “Oh! I need it to apply on my pimple.” I was horrified to hear that!


Besides alcohol, hand sanitisers contain other chemicals that could also irritate the skin. Hence, it is important to stick to specifically products that are produced to manage pimples or other skin issues.




An increasing number of people are interested in using skincare products that contain effective natural ingredients instead of pure chemicals. Although, there is no right or wrong to this as it all depends on your skin type and health, it is important that you do not be deceived by the colour of the skincare product. White does not equate to natural or pure in this case.


Products that contain botanicals, are coloured because botanicals have a natural colour. So, if you come across a product that’s pure white but has claims that it’s made out of botanical ingredients, you would want to think twice.


To get your facts right, flip the packaging and read through the label to understand the ingredients of the product.




Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a numbering system that shows the product’s ability to protect your skin against Ultra Violet B (UVB) rays. UVB rays can damage your skin cells and cause skin cancer as well.


Many skincare products such as foundation, mositurisers and tinted moisturisers come with SPF 15 or 20. However, it is not high enough. In general, you need at least SPF 30 to protect your skin.


Though, if you’re exposed to direct sunlight for long hours, it is important that you opt for products with higher SPF.


To protect your skin well, apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 on your skin, on top of any other beauty product. Plus, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on any other area of the skin that’s exposed.




If you’re the adventurous sort and into natural homemade masks, you might have tried the egg white mask which apparently helps to ‘tighten’ your skin and shrink pores. If you’ve not tried but you’re in the kitchen a lot, you might have experienced the effects when cracking an egg or two too. However, the question is – does it really benefit your skin?


Egg white is rich in vitamin B, D, calcium, iron and zinc and the best way to enjoy its benefits is through your stomach. When it comes to applying egg white on your skin, there has been no scientific evidence which proves that it works.


Though, egg white does make your skin feel ‘tighter’ when it’s dried up but that’s just about the effect that it gives. So, let’s save the eggs for breakfast and plus, let’s not increase your risk of salmonella.

Your delicate skin should be taken seriously. Take good care of it and it’ll continue to glow. If you’re experiencing any issues with your skin such as breakouts or sensitivity, it could be due to the changes in your physical and mental health. Consult a healthcare professional to ensure that you’re on the right treatment path.

Naomi Truong

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