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3 Important Food Groups To Include For Sahur

3 Important Food Groups To Include For Sahur

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Sahur is an Islamic term for pre-dawn meals consumed by Muslims before fasting during the Ramadhan period. However, Sahur is not just limited to meals before dawn during the month of Ramadhan but also outside of the Islamic month.


For the month of Ramadhan, the Sahur meal is crucial as this will be only meal eaten by Muslims before the break of dawn.


Abstaining from all forms of food and drinks for about 13 hours each day isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Not only does it require willpower and prayer, it also important to consume the right food as this will help you to maintain your energy throughout the day.


To help make your Sahur meal healthier and ensure that it is beneficial for your body, here are 3 food suggestions for you to incorporate into your diet this fasting month.



Lean protein such as beef and chicken are great for pre-dawn meals. If you’re not a fan meat, you could also opt for vegetarian options such as lentils or soy products. Instead of processed food such as sausages or meat slices, opt for fresh sources protein. This is because processed food tend to have a mixture of other ingredients such as flour which will not be of much benefit.


Why protein?
Protein is a great source of energy. Besides that, food rich in protein also helps to slow down the way your stomach digests your food. Hence, minimizing those hunger pangs.



If you’ve woken up, craving for something sweet, don’t reach out for that chocolate bar just yet. Opt for fruits instead and incorporate it into your Sahur meal. Besides that, vegetables are a must too. They’re not only required for a balanced and healthy meal. The nutrients obtained from fruits and vegetables will keep you fresh and healthy throughout the day.


Why fibre?
High-fibre food are digested at a slower pace. Hence, giving you a steadier supply of energy throughout the day. Plus, the nutrients from fibre takes a longer time to be released by your body.



Fats should be part of your Sahur meal too. However, do consume it in moderation and it is important to opt for healthier fat sources. Do not be tempted to dig into that burger just because it looks ‘fatty’. Saturated and trans-fat will not do any good. Instead, opt for oils such as canola and olive. Sources of ‘healthy’ fat such as salmon is good too and nuts such as almonds, cashew and hazelnuts.


Why fats?
Fats keep you full! They’re a great source of energy which will help you to sail through the day. Though, remember, do not over do it when it comes to fats. Moderation is the key for this category of food.


So, try to incorporate protein, fibre and fats in your daily Sahur meal plan to ensure you have optimum energy level to last you through the day of fasting!

Norshilah Kamaruddin

A regular contributor to YesMyWellness.com, Norshilah who graduated from from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (MSc of Clinical Psychology), is a seasoned counselor working with individuals, group and family therapy for children, adolescents, and adults on an inpatient and outpatient basis. A devoted parent of 3 bubbly kids, Norshilah loves to collect, try out and share life hacks (only those that really works!) and occasionally works on her little garden, growing traditional herbs like Misai Kucing, Pegaga, Cekur, Daun Kesum, Lengkuas, Lemongrass and many others.

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